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03 Dec 2020, 6:56 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid-19 Cases

64,845,925 Total
1,499,357 Deaths
44,942,201 Recovered
Country Confirmed Recovered Death
USA14,314,265 8,462,434 279,867
India9,534,964 8,973,373 138,657
Brazil6,436,650 5,698,353 174,531
Russia2,347,401 1,830,349 41,053
France2,244,635 165,563 53,816
Spain1,682,533 N/A 45,784
UK1,659,256 N/A 59,699
Italy1,641,610 823,335 57,045
Argentina1,440,103 1,268,358 39,156
Colombia1,334,089 1,225,635 37,117

Be Smart!

Wash Your Hands!

Washing your hands is crucial in helping stop the spread of Coronavirus! Watch the video below to see how fast germs can spread! It is recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, or you might not get rid of harmful bacteria! Here are some helpful tips from UAB to help protect yourself from Covid-19.

coronavirus information

Some more helpful info from UAB

coronavirus information