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24 Oct 2020, 11:13 AM (GMT)

Worldwide Covid-19 Cases

42,565,766 Total
1,150,620 Deaths
31,467,320 Recovered
Country Confirmed Recovered Death
USA8,747,864 5,698,965 229,292
India7,814,682 7,016,046 117,992
Brazil5,355,650 4,797,872 156,528
Russia1,497,167 1,130,818 25,821
Spain1,110,372 N/A 34,752
Argentina1,069,368 866,695 28,338
France1,041,075 109,486 34,508
Colombia998,942 901,652 29,802
Peru883,116 800,480 34,033
Mexico880,775 641,075 88,312

Be Smart!

Wash Your Hands!

Washing your hands is crucial in helping stop the spread of Coronavirus! Watch the video below to see how fast germs can spread! It is recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, or you might not get rid of harmful bacteria! Here are some helpful tips from UAB to help protect yourself from Covid-19.

coronavirus information

Some more helpful info from UAB

coronavirus information